Miss Global Titleholders

Hometown: Puerto Rico
Age: 26
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 122 lbs
Bust: 34in
Waist: 24in
Hips: 37in

Hola! my name is Ashley Melendez Rios. I was born in the beautiful island of enchantment located in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico. I am a 26 years old woman who has a Bachelor degree in Psychology and currently working on a Master Degree in Architecture. I have worked as a Model, Host and Actress which I look forward to continue working in the future. 

Through out all this experience, something I have learn is the true value of life. I believe that the most important tools a women should always carry is the courage of dreaming big and believing in the potential you have within you. That’s precisely what brought me to the Global Stage, I knew that I wanted to impact other people’s lives but at that moment I didn’t know how. 
I was crowned Miss Global Puerto Rico 2023 in January 30th, 2023. I will forever remember that day as a dream come true, be able to represent my country for the first time ever in the Miss Global Pageant. I knew that the title came with a big responsibility and challenges but despite many adversities I jumped into the opportunity the life was giving me to participate in the 10th Anniversary of the Miss Global 2023. Without knowing what to expect, My biggest goal was to bring a message of resilience and hope. There’s no dream too big to be achieved when you put your heart, courage and bravery into it. During my childhood I was bullied and for many years I felt been like a shadow, thinking I wasn’t enough or capable to achieve great things but it changed one day, when I understood that I have the power to achieve everything I put my mind on it. 
That’s why I created the project called “Conectando” which I look forward to expand around the world. Our mission with that project is to help everyone to be transformed in the unique version of themselves, understanding that there are processes in life that comes for a reason but in order to fulfill those goals we need to establish a balance with our mental health. I believe that we all have a light inside of us, a particular fire that only us can control. I exhort you to use it in a positive way to become the change we all want to see in this world. 
Following my dreams lead me to make history for my country becoming the first ever representative from Puerto Rico to win this title, also in the first year debuting.
Through my story I will like to spread a message of strength and resilience and keep inspiring children to follow their hearts wherever it may lead them because at the end of the day you are the captain of your own destiny and everything that is meant to be will always find the way. Is time to let the fire within you shine bright your future!
Ashley Melendez 
Miss Global 2023
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