Miss Universe contestants made bold political statements with their national costumes. Here are the most impactful looks.

Miss Czech Republic Karolína Kokešová. MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP via Getty Images

Miss Czech Republic Karolína Kokešová wore a Lioness Warrior costume to promote women’s rights across the world.

Kokešová said on Instagram that she wanted to promote women’s rights with her outfit.

She wrote that the shield she carried had three symbolic elements. While the first face of the shield showed a rampant lion — the national emblem of the Czech Republic — the second face had Afghanistan’s flag colors on it.

Kokešová said the third face of the shield had the Texas flag, alongside the text: “I’m One Voice, but Together we can ROAR.”

“The concept behind this shield is to simply showcase regardless of race, 1st or 3rd world countries, women’s rights issues are all over the world,” she wrote.