Samerah Elisa

British Asian, UK born, parents and grandparents are from Pakistan & India
Hobbies & Talents: 
I love anything creative or artistic. In particular I love sculpture, sewing, dancing, playing the v
Three Words that Best Describe You: 
Personable, Influential, Appreciative
List Previous Pageant or Modeling Experience & Titles Received: 
I did get accepted as a National finalist for an asian beauty pageant last year, but the pageant no longer went ahead for some reason.
Please share what charity or cause you would like to support and why: 
I would love to support any children's charity, specifically for children of any age suffering from child abuse. As an adult who has been through child abuse I would want to anything I possibly could to stop this and to ensure children are brave enough to speak up and not tolerate a violent home. I would also love to support any charity against abortion and that encourages women who want to go ahead with a pregnancy to do so despite of any pressure they may receive telling them to terminate their unborn child. Again I have experience of this, as I went through a very tough pregnancy and I am so proud of myself for being brave and giving birth to my baby despite all the abuse I had to take while pregnant.