Miss Global 2017 Brazil

Barbara Vitorelli , a then 24-year-old Brazilian representative, was crowned Miss Global winner on November, 17 2017 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

About Barbara

As a model and language teacher, born in Argentina, she was raised in Brazil from the age of 6. The achievement of winning the crown represents the importance of Brazilian culture. By showcasing the nation's flag in such a competition during her final speech, a historic moment was representative alongside 60 other pageant contestants from all over the world. The delivery of the crown and sash was carried out by Miss Global 2016, Angela Bonilla, with positive reactions of the mostly Cambodian audience.

About the Royal Court

The Royal Court fulfills the motto of "Empowering women, Embracing cultures, and Embodying the beauty within" each year by traveling the world and being hands on in communities. Each project that the Royal Court works on is provided through the Miss Global Foundation, a non-profit built to empower and educate sustainable living options for the communities they work in.

The Royal Court

1st runner up - Tenielle Adderly | Bahamas
2nd runner up - Selina Kriechbaum | Germany
3rd runner up - Ayan Said | Somaliland
4th runner up - Lily Wu | China

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Angela Bonilla | Miss Global Ecuador 2016

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